Our system to make training confirmations simple for you! Use the schedule below to confirm your attendance for your scheduled training. Please Note: This is not registration for classes. This system is designed as a way for you to let us know that you will be present for your scheduled practice. See Below for more details.

How it Works:

Here at RSC Training, we work with you to find the best training times and levels of play to fit your need, but it is ultimately up to the RSC staff to decide which training sessions are best for your child to participate in. If you have not yet been presented with options for your schedule or have yet to come in for one of our free training evaluations, then Click Here For More Details


Once you have your regularly scheduled class, you are ready to use this Confirmation Software. Each week, prior to the day of your class, access this page and click the Register button for that training time. Fill in your child's name, your emaill address, and your phone number. Note: if you choose "Remember my Details" you'll never have to fill these fields in again! Click Register again and it will send you a confirmation email. Then you're good to go! If something changes with your schedule for whatever reason and you can't attend, please use the "Cancel" button in the email confirmation that was sent. That way we know you aren't coming.

If you are scheduled for a class but haven't used this Software to confirm your attendance by 6pm the night prior, our staff will reach out to you by phone to make sure you are still planning on being there. For those of you who like phone call reminders, feel free not to use this software. We just want to make attendance and check-in as streamlined as possible for you!

We are so glad for your participation in our Training Academy and we look forward to what it will do to improve your chances of a bright soccer future. RSC Training - Your Game Starts Here!

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