Real Soccer Center is North Texas’ largest, state-of-the-art, small-sided soccer facility.  At RSC, we offer competitive soccer leagues, weekly field bookings, corporate events, children's parties and soccer camps, as well as great club training and field rental packages.


Real Soccer offers 5-a-side, turf soccer fields (Futsal-sized), with a professional training area. Our venue is furnished with a fantastic lounge area, a Sports Café with access to all your favorite sports channels, a Fit & Fresh concessions store, free wi-fi through-out the complex, and substantial parking areas. Real Soccer Center will also operate and manage LA LIGA Youth League, a new league specialized for the development of the soccer player. 


Our indoor futsal fields are the best 5-a-side fields in the area due to their unique synthetic grass design and complete cover with roof nets and side glass walls so there is no more chasing after balls.


Real Soccer Center is the total SOCCER experience. No matter what age you are, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience playing or relaxing at Real Soccer Center. Everything from the premier soccer leagues to company leagues and events or kids soccer camps and birthday parties is centered on you getting the most from your soccer. So bring your teams and friends and get playing soccer at a level and a place that's just right for you!





5-a-side soccer is small sided futsal/soccer played with only 5 players per team. "Small" because it’s played on smaller fields, about a quarter the size of an official outdoor field. It's a fast-paced, high scoring brand of soccer that gives each player more ball time and ultimate satisfaction.  Due to the fast-paced, exciting nature of the game, small sided soccer, has quickly become the most popular form of soccer ("futbol") in North Texas amongst the general soccer community, rivaling indoor soccer and futsal. RSC 5-a-side soccer is taking futsal/soccer in North Texas to the next level.




Small sided soccer is played in the streets, neighborhoods and playgrounds across the globe as pickup soccer, but in organized form, it has taken Europe by storm and is quickly making inroads into the U.S.A.. As for 5-a-side soccer games, soccer nations such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, Brazil, and Argentina have long incorporated small sided games into their youth development programs and professional training because of the strong benefit to player development. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has also recently begun aggressively endorsing the use of small sided games into youth leagues and training.





REAL SOCCER CENTER is the largest indoor soccer facility in North Texas, boasting over 56,000 square feet of playing fields, practice fields, lounge areas, Sports Café, pro-shop, party room, offices and more.  With six Futsal size turf fields and two practice fields, RSC offers a great small-sided game experience, for players of all levels, from kids to professionals. 



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